Report: Louisiana drivers pay more for auto insurance

It’s no secret, people in Louisiana pay some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the nation.

Recent statistics show here in the New Orleans metro area, auto insurance is up 61% since 2011. Nationwide they are up 30% in that same time. Why New Orleans is ranked the third-most expensive city in the country? Nicole Beck, Director of Communications for insurance comparison site The Zebra tells WWL’s Newell Normand, a number of personal factors can contribute to you paying higher premiums.

“We like to think of it as four factors.  So, car insurance price is based on the individual, who you are, where you are, what you drive and how you drive,” said Beck. “So depending on your zip code that is one of those big four, but there is also personal factors such as accident history and the age of your vehicle, even things like your credit score can play a part.”

According to a 2020 State of Auto Insurance Report by The Zebra, auto rates remain relatively flat. In the New Orleans metro area, people pay on average $2,922 which is actually down 43% since last year. Across Louisiana, however the average for auto insurance is $2,378 which is above the nationwide average of $1,548.

What you pay also varies from zip-code-to-zip-code. New Orleanians in 70117, 70127 and 70126 rank the top three on the list of areas with the highest auto rates. Meanwhile, Mandeville, Bayou Gauche and North Vacherie (70448, 70030, and 70090) pay the least for auto insurance.