Ride boat sinks at Disney World's Splash Mountain

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Walt Disney World’s iconic ride, Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom had a mishap on Sunday, when one of its ride boats sank.

Images and video of the log flume attraction’s boat sitting at the bottom of the water flume went viral on social media.

#disney, how’s 2020?@magickingdom: #splashmountain #drowning #2020worstyear #TimeForChange pic.twitter.com/GSqWr4bcKH

— Disney Sessions (@DisneySessions) August 4, 2020

so we got out of our boat because it was sinking while we were stuck there and the disney world employee decided to tell us that we should’ve stayed in the boat but it went under as soon as we all stepped out... nice #DisneyWorld #splashmountain #MagicKingdom #disney not okay???? pic.twitter.com/15zMnP1wgX

— sky-- (@skyelaringrsoll) August 3, 2020

This is not the first time a ride boat sank.  Recently, a separate incident happened where a ride boat sank on the theme park’s Jungle Cruise attraction.

Last month, Disney announced it will re-theme Splash Mountain to “The Princess and the Frog”.