Saints fans can still greet team at airport

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Patty Burnaman | WWL First News

It’s a tradition: Saints fans love their team, and line up to greet them when they come back from a road game.  The Saints are coming back from Tampa at around 8:00 p.m. Sunday, and Saints fan Michele Granito will be in that number to welcome them home. 

“The players love it, and you can tell the new guys, they are usually recording us as they drive out,” she said.

But has the opening of the new MSY terminal changed anything? Doug Miller, PR representative for the New Orleans Saints, said everything is still the same.

“Nothing has changed,” Miller said. “We will still be leaving and arriving at the same place.”

However, if you plan to go to meet the team, Kenner Police suggest you get out there earlier than usual, because the shuttles from the airport parking lots also use that same route. 

“We will be on the scene in the event we have to direct traffic,” said Lt. Mike Cunningham with Kenner Police. “We are not expecting it but will be there if need be.”

As fans approach the Atlantic Aviation terminal, they should keep right where Terminal Drive splits off of Aberdeen St.