Sheng: School leaders still have not granted her delay request


Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng today reiterated her request that schools wait until after Labor Day to bring kids back to classrooms during the coronavirus pandemic.

"My ask of them was just to look at a delay consistent with the other major school systems in our area; Orleans Parish, St. Tammany, East Baton Rouge Parish; given the high numbers that we have," she explained. "To me, you know, a three week delay to see right where we are coming off of this was my ask of them."

Sheng told WWL First News last week that she had made that request of the board and the administration.

The JP President noted, however, that she does not have the authority to postpone next week's schedule start of school.  

"Of course I want to respect their authority, and they are a separate governing authority," she said. "These are difficult issues, they are hard issues.  I'm a parent too, getting ready to send my kid to school."