Woman screams for help as vengeful ex-boyfriend drags her from work, say police

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Slidell Police arrested a man on aggravated kidnapping charges after they say he forcibly dragged his ex-girlfriend from her job at a local motel.

"Last night (Wednesday, October 16th), Slidell Police responded to a 911 call from Motel 6 (136 Taos Street) after a witness observed a man drag the motel clerk out of the motel and force her into a vehicle," said Slidell Police spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau in a statement. "The victim was screaming for someone to call 911, at which time, the witness was able to obtain a good description of the suspect and his vehicle."

That led investigators to 37-year-old Joseph Sylve. Police say that detectives worked all night to locate Sylve and his victim in New Olreans. Cops say Sylve tried to run when officers arrived to arrest him, but he was caught after a brief chase. The victim sustained minor injuries.

"This incident last night could have turned a lot worse had it not been for the quick and diligent work of our officers and detectives," said Police Chief Randy Fandall. "The victim fought hard and was able to get the attention of a good witness, who immediately called 911. We are grateful for that. One could only assume what the end result may have been had it not been for the good witness and outstanding police work. We are all extremely lucky this incident didn’t have a different ending."