Someone will get coronavirus when kids return to school, says doctor


Kids are gearing up to go back to school -- they start next week in Jefferson Parish, the state's largest public school system. Some Catholic schools begin as soon as this week, while New Orleans and St. Tammany will wait another month. 

No matter when they start, a local public health official says coronavirus exposure is a matter of when, not if.

Dr. Joseph Kanter with the Louisiana Department of Health says good distancing and mandatory mask wearing will help blunt the spread of coronavirus when kids go back to school, but you just can't stop it all.

The United Teachers of New Orleans, a local teachers' union, expressed their concerns about reopening classrooms, which led to this exchange between the union's Adrienne Dixson and council member Jay Banks.

"What is your tolerance for the risk of death for children and or our citizen?" asked Dixson. "That is the question you all have to answer."

"To be honest with you, I'd much rather have them dumb and alive than have them educated and dead," said Banks, "because if you keep sending them into these situations you put lives at risk."