State sued over attempted shutdown of abortion clinics

Gavel and scales
Photo credit Getty- Zolnierek

The Center for Reproductive Rights is suing Louisiana for the state’s attempts to close abortion clinics as part of a shutdown of all services deemed non-essential.

President Nancy Northup says attempting to force clinic closures violates due process and equal protection. She says abortion services are time-sensitive and essential.

“Patients are going to have to delay abortion for weeks or months, and others may be forced to carry to term during he pandemic or leave the state to get services,” says Northup.

Ohio, Oklahoma, and Alabama have had similar suits filed against them.

Kathleen Pittman, administrator for the Shreveport Clinic, says her facility should not be closed because it is compliant with safety measures designed to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

“We are and have been abiding by LDH’s health notice, and we have been for the three weeks since it was issued,” says Pittman.

Attorney General Jeff Landry says clinics are non-essential facilities and should not be in operation right now, but Northup says medical experts disagree.

“Both the American Medical Association and the Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have been clear that the Covid-19 Crisis is not a reason to shut down abortion care,” says Northup.