Struggling to get people downtown after Hard Rock collapse

Businesses on or near Canal and Rampart streets, where the partially collapsed Hard Rock hotel construction looms, are trying to get word out that they're open for business. 

A lot of shops and restaurants and other businesses had to endure more than a month of forced closure, and it's tough getting word out that now you can get to their front doors.

"Just a couple of weeks ago, all those businesses in the 1000 block were still closed, now over the last couple of weeks, almost all of them have opened," said Kurt Weigle, president of the Downtown Development District.

Weigle said it's not unlike the city's P.R. battle after Hurricane Katrina, having to convince people the city was no longer underwater. Now, the DDD is working to convince people that much of the barricades around the collapse site have been moved back.

The DDD has put a guide on its web site to what's open in the area around the Hard Rock. Click here to see more.