Suicides keeping rising with increasing fallout


Suicide is now considered an epidemic in the U.S., and is rapidly becoming a public health threat. 

As the numbers continue to climb, people who take their own lives are leaving many loved ones behind suffering and in need of help.  

Health experts have seen the evidence over the years that suicide numbers in St. Tammany have been especially high. Pat Mashburn has spent years on the Northshore helping those who have lost a loved ones to suicide. He says the numbers are staggering.

"In the United States, around 122 people per day die by suicide, which is just over 44,000 per year," Mashburn said.

Mashburn says that an estimated ten people are impacted by a each suicide, usually family and friends who continue to suffer from the loss.

"It's a growing population that needs help," said Mashburn.

Mashburn said people need help, and often, they don't get it.

"They're bombarded on three different levels," explained Mashburn. "Philosophical, psychological, and physiological."