Sunday night a light freeze expected for some areas

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Winter is back in our area. 

A chilly night because of a cold front.  "A freeze on the Northshore and even areas away from the city early tomorrow morning, and likely again both Tuesday and Wednesday morning," said WWL-TV chief meteorologist Chris Franklin.  "The chill will last through mid week, when another upper low will push a cold front into the area by Friday." 

The City of New Orleans has activated a freeze plan and posted on NOLAREADY  "feels like" temperatures in low 30s tonight and Monday night. 

Keep people, pets & plants safe.  Shelters are open for the homeless. 
Residents and visitors are encouraged to take precautions to protect people, pets, and plants during cold weather, using these tips:
Stay inside in heat during extreme cold.
If you are homeless, seek shelter.
If you have to go outside, wear layers, a hat and gloves and carry a cell phone.
Check on neighbors, children, the elderly and chronically ill to make sure they are OK.
Bring pets and plants inside.
Never leave space heaters unattended.
Never use a stove or an oven to heat your home.
Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to be sure they are working.
Have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.


Sunny skies through midday Wednesday, after which clouds will begin increasing. A few showers are possible Thursday with scattered showers and a rumble of thunder Friday before the next front, which won't be quite as cold.

Here is the complete forecast from WWL-TV:


Clear and cold. Freezing North. Breezy. Low: S 39, N 31. Winds: N 8-15.


Gorgeous, but chilly. Sunny skies, Breezy. High: 50. Winds: N 8-15.


A cold morning, freezing North. Sunny and chilly. Low: S 37, N 27. High: 48.


A cold morning, freezing North. Early sun, late clouds. Chilly temps. Low: S 39, N 27. High: 55.


Mostly cloudy, breezy. Milder. 20% chance for an isolated shower. Low: S 50, N 41. High: 65.


60% chance for scattered showers, few thunderstorms. Warmer, more humid. Breezy. Low: S 56, N 53. High: 68.


Partly to mostly cloudy. Cooler, less humid. Breezy. Low: S 51, N 48. High: 59.