More support for hiking minimum wage — if it's not by too much


The controversy over raising the minimum wage continues to stir up debate across the country, could the economy handle the change?

A survey of economists shows 61 percent favor raising the wage but they don't say  by how much.

University of New Orleans Economics Professor Walter "Dub" Lane says he thinks the economy could handle a modest increase.

"So if you just want to take it up to the rate of inflation, you could raise it to ten or eleven dollars an hour," said Lane.

There is  always concern that employers will cut back on jobs, which means maybe more money with fewer workers.

"That could occur in two different ways, one is hire fewer workers or they might just have less hours, which means you work fewer hours a week so you end up with even less money," Lane said.

Lane says taking the minimum to as high as $15 an hour would be a shock.