Survey: 58% of teachers, parents do not feel comfortable returning to school

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The Louisiana Federation of Teachers says 58 percent of teachers and parents who participated in their online survey do not feel comfortable returning to school next month. LFT president Larry Carter says certain precautions and mandates need to be in place to create a safe environment.

“Social distancing, disinfecting classrooms on a regular basis, wearing face coverings.  Parents and school employees just don’t feel safe going back into the classroom,” said Carter.

Carter says federal and state governments have not done enough to make sure schools can reopen safely.

“We do not have the necessary resources and funding to provide those resources to school districts so that we can see the protective gear in school,” said Carter.

Carter is pushing the U-S Senate to approve the Heroes Act. The teachers union says that legislation would provide 1.5 billion dollars to Louisiana to help implement the COVID safety protocols.

Nearly 15,000 people responded to the survey on LFT’s website. 6,400 of the respondents identified themselves as an employee of a school system. Carter says 45% of those individuals say they prefer to work from home given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“And even in our chats in our social media outlet you’ll hear this grave concern for returning back to school.  Teachers and school employees want to, but they want to do it in a manner that is safe,” said Carter.