Taco Tuesday on Taco Row

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Photo credit Getty Images - bonchan

This isn't Taco Bell.  That said, Tacos and Tuesday seem to go together.  Inexpensive tacos, served simply, featuring freshly cooked meats and seafoods served on warm soft corn torillas.  

There's no better place to explore your taste for tacos than Kenner's Taco Row—Williams Boulevard from 25th Street through Veterans and beyond Esplanade.  Taco Row is ten locally owned restaurants on with their own take on the humble taco.

"Everybody does it different.  From the different flavors of the al Pastor to the carnitas, everybody has their own little recipe," WWL-TV'S Chef Kevin Belton.  "So you can go to these different places and they all taste different because everybody puts their own little love to them."

And, Chef Kevin says, you can get just about any kind of meat or seafood to match your tastes, so Taco Tuesday is also about expanding your palate in new ways.

Whether you eat them five or ten at a time, or looking for new flavors like lengua, cabeza, tripe, or cheeks, you can experiment with different flavors, meats, seasonings, and experiences.  

"It's great to try different cuts of meats something that you may never have had before," Chef Kevin says.  "Whether its goat, the cheeks, the pork belly, because these are people doing what they know.  It was something that was always used in their area, so they brought it here."

Chef Kevin says the explosion in authentic Mexican cuisine arrived here after Hurricane Katrina, when workers from Mexico came to help with the rebuilding and ended up staying.