Tattoos resume Friday as part of Phase Two

Photo credit Getty

Louisiana tattoo shops are reopening in Phase Two and the artists behind the ink are ready to get back to work on Friday. 

Glynn Morace is the owner of Platinum Innovations Tattoo Studio in Baton Rouge and says it was tough on shops to be closed when he feels they are historically more sanitary than gyms.

“We actually have to go through the state department yearly and have to go through all kinds of cross contamination classes and everything so I feel like we were left out and getting to open now is like a weight lifted,” said Morace.

Morace says the business has been overwhelmed with hundreds of customers contacting him throughout the closure with questions about reopening.

“Every day people call me, ‘ When are y’all going to open, when are y’all going to open?’ and I’m like, ‘You’re seeing the same thing I’m seeing on the news so, I mean, as soon as I hear something I can just announce it over Facebook or Instagram, that’s the best I can do,'” said Morace.

Those customers will need to set an appointment as walk-in business will not be available in the near future.

Morace says there will be changes in the experience with face coverings being provided to be worn by artists and customers.

“I actually personally in my studio installed a sink in the front lobby so as soon as we check the temperature, they can go over and wash their hands before they do any type of paperwork or touch anything,” said Morace.