Taxes due today

Tax deadline

State and federal tax returns for 2019 are due today.

The original due dates were in April and May, but Louisiana Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson says the pandemic inspired both federal and state governments to push it back two to three months.

“Taxpayers did not need to take any action to get this extension,” said Robinson. “This was automatic and it extended both the payment and the filing of the return and there is no interest or penalties associated with it as long as you file it by July 15th.” 

Robinson said they still have a fair number of returns that have not been filed yet, and that many people took advantage of the extended deadline, and with good reason.

“I know for myself personally when April 15th came around, I was so focused on COVID-19 issues that it did not even register that it was tax day,” said Robinson.

Robinson said if you still need extra time, you can file for an extension, but you still have to pay some estimation of what you owe. 

“If you do not pay by Wednesday you would still be looking at interest that is accruing on any payments that is still left outstanding,” said Robinson.