With the time change be extra careful driving to and from work


With the new time change you may notice the sun won't be coming up as early.  That will definitely pose problems on the road for drivers.  Sgt. Melissa Matey with Louisiana State Police said this is a cause for concern when you leave the house in the morning and when you head home.  

"Make sure that you're paying attention behind the wheel, that you're headlights and taillights are both working, and that you're paying attention to your surroundings because there will be kids out waiting for the bus possibly in the dark in the morning," Matey said.  "And then of course in the afternoon, coming home from work, there might be increased pedestrians in your neighborhood."   

She also notes that the time change can make drivers groggy or sleepy, also a concern so be extra careful.  

"Anytime that you have a lack of sleep or light changing in the environment that you're driving in, can pose problems, and coupled with the distraction, of course that can absolutely turn disastrous," Matey stated.  "Studies have shown in the past that the most dangerous times to drive are right in that dusk time frame or that dawn time frame."