Trump pulls back on Mexico tariffs, investors happy

President Donald Trump may have backed out of his plan to punish Mexico with a tariff hike, but the stock market has had some big swings recently, making investors nervous. 

Overall, investors have done quite well in the stock market, despite some dramatic ups and downs in recent months.

For some investors, it's more than they can take, as they look for a safe haven for their money. 

UNO business Professor Mark Rosa says it can be a bumpy ride, but the numbers stand in favor of those who invest and stick with it.

''Stocks are the place to be, it's where the risk is but it's also where the return are and that's in the face of other investments,'' said Rosa.

Rosa says the ups and downs drive people crazy but he says going back decades investors are often receiving eight to ten percent on their money.

''That's through the depression, and that's through all the recessions and through those downturns, double digit returns that's the good news,'' Rosa said.

The Dow closed up 78.74, the Nasdaq up 81.07, and the S&P 500 up 13.39.

And in the oil markets, July WTI oil fell 73 cents, to $53.26 a barrel.