TU Primate Research Center working to develop COVID-19 vaccine


Scientists at the Tulane National Primate Research Center are working fast to study the coronavirus and develop a safe treatment for people. Chief Veterinary Medical Officer with the research center, Skip Bohm, says a vaccine is still a ways away.

“We can’t short cut anything because, in the end, we want a very safe and effective treatment or vaccine for the virus, and if we cut corners we can’t ensure that for the public and we want to make sure the public is safe,” said Bohm.

“Coming up with these types of treatments and vaccines could potentially save hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and that is our aim. And we are moving as quickly as we possibly can,” said Bohm

He says the primates are kept in comfortable stress-free conditions to maximize the chances of developing an effective treatment for humans, “Animals who aren’t healthy and who aren’t psychologically in a state of well-being are very poor subjects for research. So it is in all of our interest to do what we can minimize the stress that they have during these experiments.”

Bohm says a vaccine will take time to discover but say they are working hard on it. So far there have been 310 deaths reported in Louisiana.