What needs to happen to get kids back in classrooms?


Kids won't be going back to the classroom when public school starts in New Orleans -- it will be distance learning until the coronavirus gets better. So what exactly about it needs to get better? 

One metric is new cases per day. New Orleans health director Dr. Jennifer Avegno has long said for the city, it needs to be less than 50.

"We felt that that was a level below which community transmission was fairly well-supressed," said Avegno. "And we saw that for a very long time."

Tuesday's new cases numbered 72. The average has been in the mid-80s for the past week.

Dr. Avegno says hospitalizations need to be falling, testing needs to be robust, and the percentage of positive tests needs to be low to get classrooms open and kids back to school.

"It's gonna be certainly the hospitalization data, the testing capacity, and the percent-positive tests," said Avegno. "All of those together really paint a picture of whether or not we're suppressing the virus in the community."