What will it take to make New Orleans' music scene more financially successful?

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New Orleans may be a music Mecca, but so often, various segments of the industry head out of town to Los Angeles and New York.

Tara Hernandez of the New Orleans Music Economy Initiative steering committee talks about music videos as just one example.

''National artists are starting to reach out to our local community to collaborate and we are also attracting Paul McCartney and Drake to film their music videos here,'' said Hernandez.

Hernandez says it's all part of the effort to bring the music business and education together, to grow the industry and support local musicians.

Also on the committee is DJ Raj Smoove, who knows how it works and where the big money is.

''When you have a film company from Los Angeles that comes to New Orleans, they will shoot a movie here but chances are they will take editing, post-production and music licensing back to L.A.,'' Smoove said.

Now they are teaming up collectively for the first time bring the music side and the business side together and make something wonderful happen.