Who causes violent crime in New Orleans?

Hard work continues by members of the Mayor LaToya Cantrell's gun violence task force, as they search for solutions to murders in New Orleans.

Are thousands of residents causing the shootings and killings or is it a much smaller group responsible?

Criminologist Dr. Peter Scharf with LSU Health New Orleans says there is a theory from the past that he says holds true to this day.

''There are about 300 individuals in the city who are responsible for almost all of the murders and non fatal shootings in the city,'' Scharf said.

Scharf says there are top officials in the NOPD who believe this,  but rounding them up will be difficult.

''The whole issue of profiling, minority report, predictive analytics, can you do it in a way that's lawful and doesn't target in advance and inappropriately individuals,''said Scharf.

Another challenge, he says is bringing together a divided city with those who favor locking them up and those who favor crime prevention.