With benefits running out, you can start a new career

With benefits running out, you can start a new career
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“Despite the high national unemployment rate, employers are struggling to find people for certain in demand roles.”

Carrie Lewis is recruitment specialist with Robert Half Staffing and Recruitment in New Orleans.

As the $600-a-week unemployment benefit from the federal government runs out, many people are realizing the time has come to find a new line of work. 

Lewis says the time to start a new career is right now.

“Job seeks can have an advantage by seeking those opportunities now,” she says.  “Particularly in the technology and accounting sectors we’ve seen the hiring demand continue to be very strong.”

If it’s time to pick a new career, Lewis recommends getting your feet wet before having to commit. 

“They can starting thinking about becoming a temporary or doing project work to not only get their money coming in…  get a pay check going, but also to help expand and make their skill set more current and more applicable.”

Having an on-line presence in the new field you wish to join is important.

“A great way to begin that new search is to build your online presence and your network on line.” 

Lewis recommends keeping a high profile on line to enhance networking and making connections. 

“Let people know that you’re looking for work.  Everyone that you’re talking to may be aware of companies that are hiring and might be able to put in a good word for you.”

Lewis also says employers are moving the entire process on line, from applying to background to interviews, even negotiations and job offers are going on Skype or Zoom, so be prepared to conduct a meeting with a potential employer from home.