With school schedules up in the air, NOPD adjust truancy enforcement


New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson today announced people under the age of 17 will need to adhere to school-year curfew starting September 1. That means between 8:00 p.m. and 6: 00 a.m., juveniles will have to be off the streets.

Dealing with truancy, when kids are supposed to be in school but are instead cutting class, will be trickier.

New Orleans Public Schools won't be welcoming students back to class until September 8 at the earliest, while distance learning will be offered. And many private schools in the area are beginning the school year with a hybrid schedule that has students alternating between distance learning and classroom instruction.

"For the start of this school year, truancy enforcement will be suspended," said Ferguson, noting that the suspension is only temporary.

"We as a department will flex enforcement of truancy as the city moves forward with its recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic," said Ferguson. "The New Orleans Police Department will make decisions on how to proceed with truancy enforcement on a month-to-month basis."