Zion Williamson not frustrated, focused on helping Pelicans


Zion Williamson admitted Sunday that it’s been tough to find a rhythm while playing limited minutes through the Pelicans first two games.

“Because as soon as I start to break that sweat, I look over and that horn’s for me and I have to come out of the game,” he said. “Also, when I do catch the flow of the game, like I said, that horn goes off, and it’s for me.”

However, Williamson said he’s not frustrated with the way his return has been handled.

“No, because when I get frustrated, that doesn’t help the situation,” he told reporters. “So I try to look at it from different perspectives, as in, when I’m out there, what can I do to contribute.”

Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry said, however, he senses the rookie forward’s disappoint with his playing time.

“He wants to be playing and he thinks he can help us win,” Gentry said. “Obviously, we feel that he can help us win also. So yeah, there’s a little frustration there I think if you talk to him.“

Gentry said that Williamson would have played more in Saturday’s loss to Clippers if the team weren’t down by such a large margin.

"I’m not going to stick him back in those situations…although some people think it gives him an opportunity to be on the floor and play,” Gentry said. “I just didn’t feel like that made sense in (that) situation. I think as far as the next game, I won’t know that until I talk to our medical people. They’re the ones that can tell me the amount of minutes or the amount of bursts he can play, so it’s hard for me to say either way until I talk to them.”

The Pelicans return to the court Monday for a matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies at 5:30 p.m.