See why Cam Jordan's new hairstyle is the talk of training camp


Saints Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Jordan debuted a new haristlye Saturday, and it's certainly got his teammates and coaches talking. 

Jordan tweeted a photo of himself with a Jheri curl similar to the characters in the popular Eddie Murphy movie "Coming to America."

New roster pic!!!! Lol football training camp bout to start up!!! #Levels to this activator game!! ------

— cameron jordan (@camjordan94) August 1, 2020

That boy good!!!

— cameron jordan (@camjordan94) August 1, 2020

Jordan head coach, Sean Payton, had a hilarious response to the defensive star's hairstyle as he tweeted a suggestion for 2021's training camp.

2021 training camp

— Sean Payton (@SeanPayton) August 1, 2020

Saints linebacker Craig Robertson laughted as he said the hairstyle demonstrates Jordan's determination. 

"But Cam, he is a person that is committed," Roberston said. "That's what I told him. When I saw him, he told me he was going to do this, right? And I've seen him once before he got his dreads taken out and he had decided to have the Sideshow Bob, and then he comes back and he told me, he was like, I'm going to get a Jheri curl. And he did it. Not only did he had the Jheri curl, he had it juiced down to. If Cam tells you he's going to do something, he's going to do it. He's committed to his dream and his thought and he going to make it happen. And he definitely did with that Jheri curl he's got going on right now."