Saints approach to free agency was not affected by Covid-19


Like the rest of the world, the NFL has had to adjust to the Covid-19 pandemic. Franchises have had limited access to their facilities and contact with draft prospects among other restrictions in an effort to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed for the Saints, according to head coach Sean Payton, is the team’s approach to free agency. 

“I don't think we acted or reacted differently because of this virus relative to free agency,” Payton said. “We approached it much the same way, most of the work had been done."

Coac Payton continued, “Obviously what changed (is) the idea that a player might come in for a visit with his wife, look around, make a decision. That shifted a little bit, but we didn't approach free agency any differently.”

What else could change about the process is how those free agents are brought up to speed with the Saints playbook.

“I think we, like everyone else, are waiting...and I think it is going to be challenging to have an offseason program,” Payton said. “Certainly, we're not going to have an offseason program that isn't without change and look in 2011, which was the lockout season, there was no offseason program. 

“In other words, we had the draft and then we saw everyone at the start of training camp and off we went.  We'll be prepared as a club and as a team to operate accordingly and really wait for guidance from the league office.”