Saints to 'sequester' at New Orleans hotel, report says


The New Orleans Saints will "sequester" players and team personnel at a downtown New Orleans hotel until September, according to a report from the NBC Sports' Peter King.

King compared the move to the NBA's bubble, where players are isolated from the general public with the goal of stopping the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but Saints coach Sean Payton offered King a different description of the team's plan.  

“It’s not a bubble. It’s a sequester," Payton told King. “The message from the league is, ‘The show must go on.’ If so, we’ve got to do everything we can to be sure that happens.” 

Payton told King about 150 team employees and players will have the option to be in the hotel through the first week of September.

The move comes after Major LeAgue Baseball's schedule has been drastically affected by positive Covid-19 tests, while the restarted NBA season has gone smoothly so far with no postive tests inside the "bubble" reported by the league.

Saturday Saints linebacker Craig Robertson said he hoped the NFL was paying attention to what other sports leagues were doing so that it could put players in the best position to safely complete the 2020 season.

"Watching baseball kind of throws it all up in the air, but I feel like us being after baseball and us watching basketball and WNBA as well, learning from their positives and negatives, will help our game moreso finish so we can finish the season," he said.