Should the Rams have demanded the NFC Championship be replayed?

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A caller to the show today insisted that the L.A. Rams should have wanted the penalties called in the NFC Title game that were not flagged near the end of regulation.

The listener named Chris said the Rams coach should have demanded the flag be thrown even though that would have most likely kept his team from winning.

"You know, there was a time in sports that there was something called good sportsmanship," Chris stated.

He went on to say that the owner of the Rams should have advocated to have the game replayed from the point of the no-call with the penalty being called.

Chris felt the Rams should have said, "We don't want to win this way."

He added, "It's a matter of honor."

I asked him if it were the Saints who got away with the same penalties and got into the Super Bowl, would he feel the same way. He said he would.

"He is so right," one person texted to 870870.

Another said, "This guy is spot on. Sportsmanship is history. What are we teaching our children?"

"This is completely what Drew Brees stands for," insisted another.

Another text said, "Last caller on point!" 

But, there were plenty who strongly disagreed.

"No owner in their right mind would ask the NFL to reverse a no call that favored their team. Their fan base would go nuts!" one said.

Another texted, "Stop it right now. You know good and well if the shoe was on the other foot not a one of you would give it back. I'd be laughing my way all the way to Atlanta and another Lombardi."

"Your last caller is living in a fantasy land," someone else chimed in.

Then there was this text, "Chris is apparently off his meds. Please call family members to ck on him."

The sad truth is that in this society of situational ethics and plausible justifiability; it doesn't feel like honor, integrity, sportsmanship and right vs. wrong are overriding concerns.

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Here are some of the other responses people texted...
  • Integrity went out the window when players started making millions of$$$
  • What world does that Chris guy live in? I want honored to take Rudy and everything I do but I just don't see that happening as often as it should and I don't see it starting with that game
  • When I play vs friends in games No matter what type of game Take 4 square for instance They think it went out of bounds I know it didn't I would not allow him to let me get that point I'm a competitor But I don't want to achieve victory in such a way
  • What the hell is that guy Chris smoking? He doesn't live in the real world
  • Golfers have to call penalties on themselves. Honor is everything.
  • Come on man! It's all about winning!!
  • I'm pretty sure that we got away with a few no calls in the Vikings game that put us in the SB in 09 !!
  • This is a complete joke ! I would bet about 68% of fans who are claiming they not going to watch the Super Bowl , will start watching the pre game about 3 o'clock , watch all the crapy commercials and watch the whole game until about 9 pm !
  • Unequivocally not !!!!! The Rams take what they get and the Saints would have done the same !!!!!
  • It's a matter of honor & integrity--I agree with Chris
  • Agree with caller about sportsmanship
  • In golf they call penalties on themselves if no one else sees
  • Yes yes yes. Finally someone with ethics and morals.
  • Absolutely I agree with the caller. I said the same thing from the beginning.
  • Golf is the only Gentlemans game. All of the other sports represent life where if you don't get caught it's OK. How sad have we become?
  • He has a good point! Coach should've spoken up
  • He's full of shh&#!!!!
  • Current caller is so right! It's about integrity!!!!
  • Integrity is a dying concept but it would set an amazing precedent if say the broadcasting channel refused to air the Superbowl or at least some of the main sponsors pulled their support bc they didn't want their brand associated with such an unscrupulous event
  • Rams owner and his Walmart heiress wife screwed St Louis. They would never play fair
  • It was a very entertaining no call
  • Get rid of all refs Make it like golf You call the penalties on your self Then you will see who is honest HA HA HA
  • Where was Chris when we played the Vikings to get to the SB, or got the block in the back on manning after porters pick 6 ?? No team in there right mind would give up a SB over a bad call !!
  • Thou shalt not steal. Something ill gotten by someone's mistake is stealing.
  • Can you imagine the referees as traffic cops. Who would be at fault during an accident?
  • The refs robbed us not the rams
  • Rams have no fans maybe if they did the right thing they would have fans like we do. Our team is a class act.
  • While I agree with Chris that it would be an honorable thing to do I don't believe that not doing it would be dishonorable under the current rules System of the NFL.
  • Get over it...its a game
  • Dave the Rams will take that trip to the Super Bowl because that could only be their only shot!
  • If you found a $100 bill in Walmart parking lot would you give it back to Walmart or keep it
  • Chris has a point, But what upset me about the rams coach was the arrogant and dismissive attitude he had in his press conference after the game. It was as if they beat us fair and square and saints fans should shut up and get over it(ad lib)
  • i'm a big fan of wwl, but this bad call crap is wearing me out. Let it go, and go on with your lives! Party sunday and watch super bow
  • First time having comments with your station but I had to On this one!I totally agree with Chris 100%!!!!I just told my grandson the exact same thing yesterday and scenario.I also was saying some in the world is calling right wrong and wrong right.Also this is scripture.Thanks for reading this!!!
  • I agree with Chris. The coach and owner knew the game was stolen and said nothing to fix it. It's like when you go to the store and the clerk gives you too much change. Do you keep it or tell the truth and give it back?
  • Get over it people! The Saints had a 98% chance of winning against the Vikings too n lost the game with SECONDS left on the clock. You cannot assume that the game was over even if the ref makes the call. It hurts but life goes on.
  • I agree with Chris but in a real world that would never happen. Personally, I don't know how the Rams coach and players sleep at night knowing we had that game
  • Chris is 100% correct. The Rams lost integrity - ESPECIALLY after Robey-Coleman said his purpose of hitting Lewis was to "take him out". Beth
  • Even if the Rams owner would have suggested to Roger Goodell to do the right thing and start first and ten. You can believe Goodell wouldn't have done it guaranteed.
  • Game over if that be call not made. Not to mention one in end zone against Haden again everyone in stadium knew it was not PI. Where's integrity there Chris
  • Remember week 16. Cost Steelers playoffs. I'm a saints fan but both PI calls were BS. Thomas had offensive PI yet on 4th down they called Haden for dpi.
  • Personally I think he is right. Do I think it would ever happened.... Absolutely not....honor and integrity have waned in America. It used to mean everything.... Not anymore.
  • Would we be asking this question if roles were reversed? If saints got the "no call" and went to Super Bowl, would we want gayle benson to say "let's replay this game! Rams deserve it!"
  • How many times did the Rams cheat to win their games
  • Ha Ha. Each opposing coach will be allowed one integrity flag.
  • The Rams Coach should have stepped up during the game as the replays started,
  • Do you really believe that if the Saints had won but there had been a missed call on one of the Saints the Who Dat nation would be besieging Gail Benson with calls to replay the game?
  • This is all rhetoric about the GAME of football, not the LIFE of football. The callers who demand to make like miserable for others are really living a miserable life of their own. They need to take a time out for a little self examination of what is really important, like family, faith and friends, not a GAME!
  • No way! It' all about the MONEY
  • It's not the way you played the game it's whether you win or lose
  • If the NFL doesn't stand for integrity they were the one that should've made the call to replay
  • Honor And integrity no longer exist in this country. Along with morals
  • Unfortunately this is not 1952, the greatest generation is dying off quickly, honor and integrity have been replaced with a "me first" mentality! 
  • I wonder if the caller Chris would want to do the same thing to the Saints and Sean Payton if it happened in reverse to the Rams ? I doubt it ! He along with others need , some how get over it !
  • Didn't pro golfer, Bobby Jones, once call a penalty on himself when he accidentally moved his ball. Officials said they didn't see it and urged him to continue play. He refused and insisted that he be penalized. When later asked why did that he famously said "Why dont you praise me for not robbing a bank?"
  • So if you find a wallet on the ground, you can keep it simply because you can get away with it?! That's No integrity! As in the same way Goodell, owners and make the super bowl great again.
  • Since we are living in fanatic land today and Newell is in DC maybe he can get Trump to sign an executive order to replay the final moments of the playoff game 
  • The NFL supposed to be impartial if they don't call for a redo why would the rams
  • Every nfl team when theyknow they got away with a dropped pass (for example) they hurry up to the line to snap the ball before the refs or other teams challenges it. So no NFL team cares about integrity, they all want to "get away with one" if they have a chance