What are the little things that make you happy?

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With so much anger and unhappiness these days, I make it a point to always try to find little things in life that make me happy.

For example, getting a "pull through" parking spot puts a smile on my face every time.  You know, when you can pull into a spot and the one directly across is open so you can pull through into that spot and then pull out when you leave... not backing in or out.  I know this is not a big deal, and backing in or backing out is  by no means a big hassle, but it just makes me smile.

There are plenty of things in life that can make us upset, frustrated, mad or otherwise unhappy.  So today I asked for input from the audience during the Early Edition of WWL First News... what are the little things is life that make you happy?

I think it did help to spread happiness and bring smiles to faces.  Hopefully it also encouraged everyone to seek out and find things that make them happy every day and helped make them happier overall.

Here are the texts people sent to 870870 between 5:00am and 6:00am:
  • Every morning my husband makes me breakfast in bed.
  • When you are paying cash, and what you owe is two were three cents over an even dollar amount, the person tells you don't worry about it
  • When I smell my wife's perfume
  • Happy when I go fishing
  • Every Saints Victory makes me happy
  • One of the little things that makes me happy is when someone tells you "have a blessed day" instead of "have a nice day"
  • What makes me happy is when the mountains on my coors lights are blue!
  • I get really happy when I get back from work and my kids run at me like they haven't seen me in the years with arms wide open for big hugs
  • No wrecks on my commute to work
  • When my family is happy also after the lawns done,equipment is clean and put away and I pop the cap on a cold one!
  • When my children show up for church
  • To hear my wife laugh
  • Pay Day makes me Happy
  • What will definitely make me happy is when these midges on the bridge is no longer cause smidges on my windshield
  • Finding money in a pocket of clothes you haven't worn for a while
  • I get happy on Friday when I know I have the weekend off
  • What makes me happy is when anyone remembers to give me a DR. PEPPER!!
  • Happy when the errands, e.g. grocery shopping, and tasks, e.g. washing clothes, the dinner is cooked or bought and brought home, then you can have dessert and watch your T.V. show or a movie.
  • Nothing makes me happier than a long hug from my girlfriend after I've been away
  • When I launch the boat and head to camp
  • Seeing Hot Women in the mall or SKIRT ALERT makes me happy
  • A good morning poop. No more than 3 wipes.
  • What makes me happy is when the mountains on my coors lights are blue!
  • I am happy when my gumbo turns out good
  • I am happy when the person who blows my doors off on the interstate gets pulled over at the next turn
  • I'm happy when my boss takes vacation
  • Catching every green light
  • Punching out the time clock makes me happy
  • A perfectly cook steak makes me happy
  • My Great Dane he makes me happy
  • I'm happy when I see a clown!
  • I'm happy we got Mike Thomas signed & a decent Tight End for Drew
  • Going to lunch at Hooters makes me happy
  • I love it when no one is in the drive thru ahead of you.
  • I love it when the light changes ahead of you just when you start to brake.
  • As a truck driver it totally makes my day when a kid in a car next to me does the cha ching pull to get me to blow my horn for him/her
  • Dave love it when I can use my cruise on the spillway and not have to hit the brakes all the way across
  • I am happy when my gumbo turns out good
  • Beer makes me happy
  • I'm happy when I wake up in the morning and my face is not in the book bituary
  • I'm happy when my wife close the door at night
  • I'm happy when I see a train
  • Sitting behind a stopped school bus in the afternoon watching lil kids jumping iff if the bus and running away!
  • I'm happy when the bathroom is not occupied when I get to work in the morning
  • Random acts of kindness make me happy, like payin' the Causway toll for the car beind me.
  • Putting my key in the door at my house after being homeless for 3 years
  • Happy when I wake up and my feet hit the floor. I say thank you for another day to be above the ground.,
  • As I'm leaving for work my wife hugs me and won't let go
  • When my boss or my coworker goes on vacation or just takes a day off. It will feel like the lottery when he retires
  • Found out yesterday our sixth grandchild is a boy
  • When the coffee is already made at work when I get there...
  • I've had Hummingbird feeders for years. But I still get downright giddy when I see one.
  • A small simple smile makes me happy!
  • I get happiness by making other people happy
  • Getting the same handicap parking spot closest to the door at walmart
  • The rare occasions a Coworker beats me to work and makes the coffee
  • What makes me happy? Every time the Yankees lose.
  • Cold beer makes me happy
  • The fact that my eyes opened and the Good Lord breathed air in my lungs thus morning allowing me another day of life makes me happy. :o)
  • When my kids do a good deed for another person Makes me proud
  • Winning ANYTHING on my lotto tix
  • When out of nowhere is my six year old runs up to me squeezes me and says daddy I love you
  • When my daughter texts me, " love u dad"... Just because.
  • When I see my grandkids
  • Catching all the green lights from Covington to Mandeville
  • Getting to see my grandson