5 Saints training camp observations in the first 5 days

Jul 28, 2019; Metairie, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) throws to running back Alvin Kamara (41) during training camp at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center.
Photo credit Derek E. Hingle, USA TODAY Sports
Early in training camp it’s never a good idea to formulate concrete opinions on any one player or coach… except for the stars.  However, there have been some interesting observations that could lead to a finite conclusion at the end of training camp.  Here are the five things I am thinking about.  
  1. I think any opinion about Drew Brees showing his age and losing arm strength is more bogus than the NOLA No Call.   Sure there are times in practice this year where he might have underthrown a receiver.  What goes unnoticed are variables such as: Did the receiver run the right route? Was he out of position?  Were there defensive linemen at Drew’s feet preventing him from stepping up in the pocket?   Everyone sees the play and immediately jumps to the conclusion that he’s losing arm strength.  Okay! On the chance that Brees is losing a little arm strength, he can still function at a high level in this offense.  At best it’s a moot point.
  2. You can feel the presence of team owner Gayle Benson.  Her signature is all over that building.  The brand new covered seating and misting fans is all her doing.  She has kind of a mother’s touch in the building.  Now, if I can only get her to get some covered seating for the media, I’d be happy.  I know, I know I’m bellyaching a bit.
  3. Erik McCoy is the real McCoy.  I’m extremely impressed with the rookie center.  I think the Saints found their center for the next decade.  He’s incredibly sharp and a fantastic football player.  He looks the part and plays the part of what a center should be on this team.
  4. I think I might have been wrong with one undrafted rookie free agent.  Wide receiver Lil Jordan Humphrey is making some plays.  He’s stacking several good days of consistent play.  That’s what coaches look for.  I didn’t think much of Humphrey headed into camp.  I was concerned about his perceived inability to separate from defenders.  Well, he’s separating now that the pads have come on.
  5. If there is a guy to pull for in camp its rookie linebacker Kaden Ellis.  He’s got the all-American kid look to him.  He’s a fantastic young man with confidence and humility that is rare.  He’s wise beyond his years.  Oh and by the way he is making some plays at linebacker.  He’s going to be a valued special team’s player.  He has a good chance of making this team.    

#Saints WR Coach Curtis Johnson told reporters WR Travin Dural saved his life over the summer CJ was in the garage to long & passed out and hit his head requiring 13 stitches and a trip to the hospital Dural coincidentally is back with the Saints today

— Kristian Garic (@KristianGaric) July 30, 2019

Lagniappe:  Saints wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson told a story today about how wide receiver Travin Dural saved his life over the summer.  Johnson was in his garage for a long time, and passed out knocking himself unconscious.  Dural who happened to be at his coach’s house for a meal prepared by Coach CJ’s wife, found coach unconscious and called the paramedics?   As Johnson put it, “He saved my life.”   The incident ended with a trip to the hospital and thirteen stitches in Coach CJ’s head.   Interestingly enough, Dural was signed back to the Saints roster today.