Former Rutgers Safety Saquan Hampton is raising eyebrows at Saints training camp

Mar 4, 2019; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Rutgers defensive back Saquan Hampton (DB49) goes through workout drills during the 2019 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Photo credit USA TODAY Sports

One hundred and sixty-seven players were drafted ahead of Rutgers safety Saquan Hampton, before the Saints selected him in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft.  Hampton was considered a special teams depth pick at the time.  That narrative may be changing.  The bright eyed rookie is flashing some playmaking ability on defense in training camp.  The “Voice of the Saints” Zach Strief is excited about Hampton, “I think he’s had a tremendous camp.  I think he’s a better player than even the Saints anticipated.”  When the Saints picked Hampton, I kind of scratched my head and wondered why?  Why pick a safety from a bad college program?  I wasn’t the only skeptic either.  The defensive back room was already very crowded after the Saints added Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in the third round of the draft, plus the holdover veterans on the roster.  Strief points to the productivity of Hampton in college as the reason the Saints picked him, “He’s been super productive.  He’s playing like a guy that was drafted much earlier.”  If you’ve been to Saints practice, you may have noticed Saquan Hampton’s knack for forcing turnovers.  By my count Hampton has two interceptions, and he also punched out a couple of footballs.  Those are great football instincts you just can’t coach.  Hampton is quickly asserting himself as a guy who can not only help the Saints in the kicking game, but also on defense.