Garic: LHSAA leads as others give up on fall sports

Oak Grove ended its state championship drought with a 55-12 win over White Castle in New Orleans on Dec. 14. Oak Grove Tigers Vs White Castle Bulldogs Lhsaa Class 1a Football State Championship Game

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association continues to lead and listen to their member schools, parents and student athletes.  Executive Director Eddie Bonine has shown impressive leadership throughout this COVID-19 pandemic.  While other states are canceling high school sports at a rapid rate, the LHSAA is diligently working to have a safe return to fall sports.  Time is on their side, for a little while longer:

As Executive Director for the LHSAA I and my assistant directors have received a number of emails from parents, athletes and concerned citizens asking the LHSAA not to cancel fall sports in 2020. I want to thank all of you for reaching out and conveying your concerns and know those concerns are shared by this office and its entire staff. I want to utilize this release to publicly acknowledge we have received your emails and we are listening. The LHSAA is an education-based association and a member of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) that represents over 20,000 high schools and over 8 million students. It is important as a state, we get our students back into a learning environment in a safe and organized manner. The LHSAA has been and will continue to work diligently collaborating with our member school principals, athletic directors, parish board administrations and coaches to appropriately blend sports into the school setting when deemed safe and reasonable. We will adhere to all standards set forth in recently passed legislature in ACT 9 and those adopted by the Board of Elementary Secondary Education for the safe opening of schools. The LHSAA is committed to conducting fall sports to the direct benefit of your student athletes however, we will not put schools in conflict or in harm's way. We have no intention of cancelling fall sports unless schools are closed or the pandemic dictates that it is not safe to play. As much as your communications are welcome here they need to also be directed to and heard by our Governor, your legislators, your mayors/parish presidents, your city councilmen and women. Your message is warranted and should also be heard by all of those who feel a need to disregard our state and local governmental agencies safety guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus. Gathering in large groups, not wearing masks, not staying home when symptoms are present, and not taking the appropriate steps to quarantine when symptoms are present will only delay and possibly drastically effect fall sports. In closing, I would like to thank everyone for his or her concern. Please be assured that the LHSAA and I are doing everything possible to see that fall sports take place. This can be accomplished with everyone's cooperation and help.



Eddie Bonine