Garic: Tyson is Back! Am I the only one?


Are you excited about former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson's return to the ring? Iron Mike is scheduled to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout later this year. Tyson and Jones, Jr. will square off for eight rounds in California, with proceeds going to charity. Sign me up! I'll watch and I'll even pay to watch.

Come on, the pre-fight press conferences are going to be must see TV with Tyson and Jones, two of the more outspoken fighters in the history of the sport. Mike Tyson is 53, but during the pandemic, he's posted several videos showing off his boxing skills and fighting weight physique. At that point the media widely speculated whether or not Iron Mike was eyeing a return to boxing. Now we have our answer.

Mike Tyson will likely go down as the greatest heavy weight of my generaion, despite a precipitous fall from the ranks.  James Buster Douglas knocked out the seemingly invincible Tyson on February 19, 1990 in perhaps the biggest upset in pro sports history.   Shortly after, Tyson's legal trouble caught up with him.  The former champ was convicted of rape and spent three years in jail, before making a return to the ring.

Working his way back up the boxing ranks and regaining the WBA (World Boxing Association) title belt, Tyson and Evander Holyfield finally met in the ring.  The elder 34 year old Holyfield surprised the boxing world winning over Tyson in a TKO (Technical Knock Out) in the seventh round.   

In 1997, Holyfield gave Tyson another shot at the belt in a lucrative showdown at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  The fight was stopped in the third round, after Tyson bit the ear of Holyfield during a tangle on the ropes.  This was pretty much the last time Tyson mattered in the sport. 

The not so iron Mike later filed for bankruptcy and fell into a deep state of depression.  Tyson fought his last fight in 2005 against a washed up Kevin McBride.  Iron Mike quit that fight in the seventh round, saying afterwards that he was just doing it for the money.  "I don't want to dishonor the sport like this, I don't have it in me anymore," admitted Tyson. 

Roy Jones Jr., was a tremendous boxer in his own right, becoming a middle weight champion and heavy weight champion.  He's known for his tremendous hand quickness and was given the nickname "Captain Hook" for the unrelenting combination of hooks he launches on opponents. 

The bottom line here...Tyson is the draw, and his return to the ring is a fascinating one. Tyson is 53 years old, Jones Jr. is 51. I'll pay to watch two over the hill boxing freaks and two of the best to ever lace up boxing gloves. I can't wait!

Is Tyson still made of Iron? Does Jones Jr. still have a pristine hook in his tool box? Anticipation is everything. And truth is, I really don't care; it's theater at this point.