Report: No high school football until Phase 4

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association ​(LHSAA) will not allow high school football to take place this fall until Louisiana reaches Phase 4 of K-12 re-opening.  
With rising numbers across the state, the governing body of high school sports in Louisiana will not allow schools to hold practices or games until the state's positive cases decrease enough to allow the state to enter phase four of the re-opening. 
Just last week the LHSAA issued a statement saying "We are committed to a fall season.”   This is not a reversal, but more of a slight pivot given the number of cases in Louisiana.  Today the state reported over 1,300 new Covid-19 cases.  
Several coaches and administrators around the metro area have expressed disappointment over the possibility of no football this fall.  Others expect a delay to the season.  Cross Country, swimming and volley ball are the only sports that can play games in phase three.  In fact, swimming and cross country can compete in games in our current phase two status.