Newell: Barr Judiciary Committee hearing was not a hearing

William Barr before Congress
Photo credit Jack Gruber-USA TODAY NETWORK

Democrats have been salivating for months over the opportunity to question Attorney General Bill Barr at a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. To call that a hearing is a stretch at best.

When I think about a hearing, I expect to hear probing, relevant questions...and answers from the individual being questioned. If the testifying fails to answer or simply evades the question, then take the witness to on! However, to impede A.G. Barr from answering the questions posed by consistently interrupting him in a very rude, combative manner is unacceptable.

Democrat committee members repeatedly interrupted the witness by stating “I am reclaiming my time.” For what, I ask? The obvious answer was to continue to act in a manner that was embarrassing to the committee and the entire House. How does that serve the intention of justice? How does that serve the American people? Even selfishly, how does it serve THEM?

One has to wonder whether Congress takes their oversight authority seriously, because if they don’t, why should anyone else? That may explain why a recent Gallup poll reveals a 25% approval rating for the way Congress is handling its job.