Newell: Kudos to Cantrell's gun violence plan, but it's got a long way to go

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Despite a number of ebbs and flows over the decades, New Orleans is still suffering from a ghoulishly high murder rate. The last time the Crescent City had fewer than 145 homicides was 1972, and 90% of all the victims since then were killed by firearms. It's against that backdrop that Mayor LaToya Cantrell has rolled out a "Generational Gun Violence Reduction Plan" which you can read for yourself here. There's a lot to unpack in there but there are three core components to the Mayor's approach. 

1) The Gun Violence Prevention Collective (GVPC): fund and develop public health interventions, ensuring that programming is effectively delivered, and measuring the outcomes. The GVPC will use data and best practices to offer individuals likely to be involved in gun violence comprehensive preventative services.

2)  Preventing Homicides by Solving Homicide Cases: Through solving more homicide cases, law enforcement can play a critical role in removing dangerous criminals from our communities, deterring would-be shooters and increasing community trust.