Newell: Jefferson voters, vote YES to sell EJGH this Saturday!

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There is a very important ballot initiative facing Jefferson Parish voters this Saturday. East Jefferson General Hospital CEO Gerald Parton and LCMC Health CEO Greg Feirn joined Newell Wednesday morning to make the case for voters to allow LCMC to purchase EGJH.

“Starting with you, Gerald - this is a process that’s been going on for a long time and is something the EJGH board has taken very seriously,” Newell began, who also disclosed that he’s sat on that board for more than twenty years. “Describe the process that got this type of initiative on the ballot.”

“The board’s been involved in finding a partner for the hospital for several years,” Parton said. “We began talking to LCMC three years ago and went down the HCA path - that didn't work out, and we immediately resumed talks with LCMC in summer of 2018 and it was vetted by the board in some very late-night meetings. We reached a letter of intent, moved to a memorandum of understanding, worked through this with LCMC’s representatives and legal advisors, and came to a deal what we feel is the best outcome and presents the best future for East Jefferson, our voters, our patients, and our staff.”“LCMC has expanded over the years and built up a nice collection of health-care facilities both in private-public collaborations and sitting as private institutions,” Newell continued. “Greg, what were some of the things that you saw in EJGH that made your board believe this was a partnership you really wanted to foster?”“LCMC Health started with Children’s Hospital, and we have Touro, West Jefferson, University Medical Center, New Orleans East Hospital,” Feirn answered. “When I think of EJGH I think of the long-term partnership with them in the past, where Children’s Hospital worked with EJ and their medical staff. I think of a hospital that is vitally important to their community, one that has a great medical staff has a history of really sound quality and service, and how that fits in nicely with LCMC and what we try to do, which is to provide extraordinary health care to everyone in New Orleans. In our network of hospitals, some of our primary service areas overlap but there’s a big void on the Eastbank and it’s a natural fit for us - the culture, the physicians, how they’ve been managed - we believe it will all be very accretive to LCMC Health and the greater New Orleans area, and especially the Eastbank of Jefferson Parish.”