Newell: The federal government must act now!


From the very beginning of this Covid-19 event I made the observation that fragmentation of the response would be a challenge to overcome and would lead to disasterous results. Consider for example that not all states have issued “stay home” orders, yet those very same states are trying to refuse citizens from other states from passing into their territory without restrictions.

This fragmented strategy or better yet - debacle due to no integrated strategic response whatsoever - has led to confusion, frustration and most importantly the acceleration of "Hot Spots," the increased number of infected persons throughout the country.

Add to that, the fragmented approach in managing the domestic supply of ventilators. Government bidding against private healthcare corporations, states bidding against the federal government and other states, and finally, individuals with means bidding against them all whether for humanitarian reasons or selfish ones. Meanwhile, the going price for a ventilator is twice the norm.

The federal government must take control of this debacle now. Lives are held in the balance. Loved ones dying or at risk. Rationing of ventilator choices are being made as of this moment. Can you in your wildest dreams ever imagine being compelled to decide who gets a ventilator and who doesn't? This does not happen in the greatest country in the world. Well, it should not.

In the aftermath of this COVId-19 event there will be second guessing, Monday morning quarterbacking of every single decision made. The alleged motivations will be boundless and as such the possibility of more divisions of a nation - an American people already weary from battling an invisible enemy and unimaginable hardships - is on the horizon. There will be plenty of healing to do in more ways than one.

The federal government must act now!