Scoot: COVID-19 is winning - but our game plan is working!

Photo credit MarBom/Getty Images

How many times have we seen the Saints get behind in an important game only to come back and win?

As we head into this weekend under statewide stay-at-home orders, we can expect the number of coronavirus cases and deaths to continue to rise; and experts anticipate another week of dramatic increases. Most of us are making sacrifices only to see the numbers continue to shoot up and that can lead to discouragement - but we are told that we must keep doing what we are doing right now if we want to slow the spread and get the crisis under control.

It is natural to feel frustrated if we are working hard to make sacrifices yet fail to see instant results. To help conceptualize what we are experiencing - let’s use football as a metaphor for life during the coronavirus crisis.

As fans - we get really frustrated when the Saints are behind in a game. Fans get anxious, and some want Coach Payton to change quarterbacks or totally change the game plan. While halftime adjustments may be made - Drew Brees stays in at QB, and the game plan is generally to same and the Saints come back to win the game.

Relate that to the frustration that may result from the numbers of cases and deaths continuing to rise while we are make great sacrifices. If the Saints are behind and continue to see the opposing team’s scoreboard light up - fans demand change - but maintaining the game plan with certain tweaks - if the ultimate formula for success.

Right now - we are behind; and our opposition - the coronavirus - is running up the score. If we get frustrated and give up on our game plan to stay-at-home - we will be abandoning a winning game plan that will deliver a victory.

We cannot give up on a game plan devised by health experts and delivered by our political leaders that is going to lead to victory. We - as Americans - are rarely asked to be tough - but we are asked to be tough and disciplined right now.

Do not be discouraged by the increasing numbers and continue to follow the expert advice to stay-at-home and respect social distancing. We need to act like a team. If the Saints are behind in a game and a few players get discouraged and no longer believe in the game plan - the Saints will probably lose - or it will at least make winning a bigger challenge. But if we all pull together as a team and believe in what the health experts are telling us about staying at home and social distancing - we will beat the coronavirus and win back the normal lives we have temporarily left behind.

But I won’t cry for yesterday
There’s an ordinary world
Somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way
To the ordinary world
I will learn to survive…..
- Duran Duran - 1993