Scoot: Does President Trump think his followers are stupid?

President Trump at a podium
Photo credit David Wallace/The Republic via Imagn Content Services, LLC

We have reached a frightening intersection in the history of the United States of America. Unable to control the wild spread of the coronavirus - President Donald Trump is trying to control the truth about the spread.

In an unprecedented move, President Trump is bypassing the CDC and not allowing that largely nonpartisan agency to give out the true numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.  All of this is part of a selfish, ego-driven campaign to deceive the American public.

Most politicians appear to care more about being elected or reelected than they care about doing what is in the best interest of the people they serve - but the extent to which President Trump is making victory in November a priority over the health and safety of the American people borders on criminal.

There are reports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is also hiding the true numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths to disguise his arrogant and incompetent handling of the pandemic in his state - which continues to set records.

The American people deserve the truth about the coronavirus pandemic; and we are not getting the truth - all in the name of getting Trump's reelection bid.  And here is another tragic truth that should be recognized:  President Trump, Gov. DeSantis, and others are playing their conservative base like fools.  

By manipulating the number of cases and deaths during the coronavirus pandemic - is President Trump saying that his supporters are stupid?