Scoot: Is it just another weary weekend?

Photo credit Fokusiert/Getty Images

Weekends have not been the same since the coronavirus pandemic began, and it has even become a challenge distinguishing the weekend from the workweek.  

Since I have been doing my radio show and all SOTA social media from my apartment in downtown New Orleans - I often wake up without being certain what day it is. But when the weekend arrives, I consciously look for ways to make it physically and emotionally feel like the weekend!

Today is Friday - it is Friday, right?  The weekend means a mental break from doing my radio talk show and dealing with the moment-by-moment challenges from listeners who are standing by waiting for me to say something they disagree with.  While I still do SOTA FB, IG, and YouTube on the weekend - the weekends are less stressful.

Going to the grocery is not convenient when you live downtown.  I make a big grocery run every weekend and that means walking about 7 blocks to the garage where my car is parked - driving to the suburbs to several different stores - driving back downtown and parking near my apartment to unload all the groceries and then driving to park my car back in the garage and then walking back to my apartment.  This is easily a two hour ordeal.  Even though going to the store is not the most pleasant part of my weekend - I think about how grateful I am to be able to go to the store and get what I want; and I find ways to make the chore of going to the store a reminder that it is the weekend.

I have enjoyed taking a fast exercise walk down Bourbon Street in the historic French Quarter and along the Mississippi riverfront - but those walks have not been as much fun since the heat has become intense.

I have often taken a long drive across the lake on the weekend - sometimes with music blaring - but I also often drive in total silence and appreciate the time to think away from the routine of everything happening only in my apartment right now.

If you have kids - I know the weekend presents an even greater challenge - but I hope there are things you can do that allow you and your kids to feel like it's the weekend. 

Weekends traditionally provide a break from the workweek, and even during this pandemic it is important to find ways to make the weekend special.  How each of us do that is going to be different - but I hope you feel, at least, a tinge of excitement on this Friday as we head into another pandemic weekend.