If thousands can gather for protests-should thousands be able to gather for music festivals?


In the city of New Orleans we can have protests that attract thousands of people, but we are still not allowed to have live music events.

The city of New Orleans has now moved into Phase 2 of the re-opening process from the coronavirus shutdown - but Mayor LaToya Cantrell continues to ban live music - both as festivals and in bars.

Where is the logic in respecting the rights of thousands to gather for a protest/rally but not for a festival? From the beginning - it has appeared that Mayor Cantrell has enjoyed the spotlight placed upon her by the power she possesses to lean toward shutting the city down. There are examples that make this seem obvious that I have written and talked about at length.

The state of Louisiana moved into Phase 2 last Friday - but not the city of New Orleans. But Tuesday of this week - Mayor Cantrell allowed the city to move into Phase 2 with the exception of live music, bars and the casino. Casinos around the state have been opened - but Mayor Cantrell has not explained why the casino in New Orleans is still prohibited from opening.

I appreciate that Mayor Cantrell is cautious about re-opening the city - but I question the logic of respecting and even encouraging thousands of people to gather for a protest and yet continue to ban live music events.

What if we had a music festival or a concert and just called it a protest with live music, food and drinks? I’m not sure what the Mayor’s argument would be against that scenario.

We should expect consistency from our leaders and it is fair to point out when we don’t get that or specific explanations as to why certain events or gatherings are an exception.

If thousands are allowed to gather for a protest/rally - then what is the reason that thousands cannot gather for a live music event?