Scoot: 2019 Resolutions: The Media, Democrats, Republicans & Trump

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As we begin a New Year – 2019 – it is time to make New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions set goals for each of us as we embark on a fresh New Year. Historically, New Year’s resolutions never last very long; but by making resolutions we take a moment to look at our lives and decide what we think we should change about ourselves. It’s a time for self-analysis.

And so as individuals make their New Year’s resolutions, maybe it’s time for the media, liberals, conservatives and President Trump to make a few resolutions for the New Year.

My suggestion for a New Year’s resolution for Democrats/liberals is:

Stop thinking that a progressive/socialist candidate or agenda will win back the White House. It won’t!

My suggestion for a resolution for Republicans/conservatives is:

Stop acting like character doesn’t matter in a president. It does and stop being the snowflakes you accuse liberals of being.

My suggestion for a resolution for the liberal media is:

Stop being so excited when something negative comes out about Trump. Trump is our president and we should ALL want him to succeed while he is in office.

My suggestion for a resolution for the conservative media is:

Stop ignoring President Trump’s faults, mistakes and his tendency to make bold statements and then change his mind.

My suggestion for a New Year’s resolution for President Trump is:

Stop basing policy or changing policy by what TV people say on Fox News.

But even if the liberal and conservative media, Democrats, Republicans and President Trump did some deep soul searching and made the aforementioned resolutions – like most individuals – I’m certain it wouldn’t take long for their resolutions to be broken!

As we begin the New Year of 2019 – it was worth raising the issue that all of the above should be making some resolutions.