Scoot: Should businesses re-open before guidelines have been met?

Photo credit Volodymyr Rozumii/Getty Images

Across Louisiana and across America - some businesses are starting to reopen even before the guidelines set forth by President Trump have been met. Many applaud the openings while others fear a second wave of COVID-19 returning with a vengeance.

It’s fair to say that everyone wants a return to normalcy as soon as possible - but there are two distinct camps on how that should be done.

Louisiana Attorney Jeff Landry - who last week wrote a letter tp Governor John Bel Edwards asking for the governor to ease restrictions on churches and houses of worship - has sent a letter to the Governor requesting that hair salons and barbershops be allowed to open now.

In the letter - Landry wants “common-sense and reasonable guidelines” to apply to hair salons and barbershops opening. "I urge you to amend your Proclamation and allow this industry to re-open with common-sense and reasonable guidelines that preserve health and the welfare of our State’s people."

There’s a growing argument over whether more businesses should be allowed to open if social distancing and customers wearing masks are both priorities.

On Cinco de Mayo - some Mexican restaurants were opened - as per the governor’s orders that outdoor seating be provided for customers.  There were reports that social distancing and respect for wearing masks were honored by many patrons.

The practices of social distancing and wearing masks have divided America mostly along party lines. The refusal to wear masks has led to violence and threats of violence.

It seems reasonable that some businesses could safely open if masks are worn by employees and patrons and social distancing if practiced. The question is “how safe do you feel right now?” If hair salons and barbershops open - would you feel safe going to get a haircut or highlights? Would you feel safe being that close to the person who will be cutting or highlighting your hair?

Since big box stores, sno-ball stands and other businesses that do not seem to be essential have opened - doesn’t it stand to reason that other businesses could open with restrictions?

Hearing what experts and leaders are saying and based on what you know about the trend of the number of coronavirus cases and deaths - are you ready to participate in the reopening of the economy?

If businesses open - and you don’t feel safe - then don’t go to any business you feel is non-essential. Let’s hope that the numbers don’t increase as a result of businesses opening before the guidelines are met.