Scoot: The role LSU and the Saints play in our lives!

Saints and LSU flags
Photo credit USA TODAY Sports

This weekend is like a football eclipse for LSU and Saints fans.  This weekend, LSU is rated #1 in the nation and plays Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff semifinals in Atlanta while the Saints have a shot at being the #1 seed in the NFC.  Like an eclipse – this is a rare moment, and we need to enjoy every moment of the parallel success of the Tigers and the Saints this season.

The LSU Tigers play the Oklahoma Sooners Saturday with a 3:00pm kickoff in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, GA.  LSU’s miraculous undefeated season was highlighted by QB Joe Burrow winning the Heisman Trophy. With all of the attention that is focused on a team that goes undefeated with a Heisman-winning QB, it might seem like that is a team destined to be upset.  But in the case of the LSU Tigers this season – I don’t see that happening. While other teams in a similar situation might be distracted – LSU appears to be on a crusade to win it all; and Coach O, Joe Burrow and the players appear to possess the mindset of a championship team.

Oklahoma is a very good football team; and while no team that reaches the CFP semifinals should be taken lightly – the laser focus and the “take no prisoners” attitude of the Tigers this season should be able to overcome their favored status and any temptation to assume victory.

Sunday at noon, the Saints play their final regular season game in Carolina against the Panthers with the hope of winning and getting help from other teams to move up to the #1 seed in the NFC South.  Coach Payton has announced he will play all of the starters and approach this game as an important game to win.

Saints QB Drew Brees has broken more NFL records this season and seems to have an eye on the prize of accepting nothing short of getting to the Super Bowl.  With Brees so focused – the entire time is united in that goal.

This is a rare and exhilarating time for local football fans.  Enjoy every moment of this time because it may not always be this awesome.  This is also time to pay attention the role that sports plays in our lives.

The success of the Tigers and the Saints is an effective distraction from the routine of processing the countless daily problems and distractions in our lives.  But this is not all that sports does for us. The camaraderie that comes from celebrating the success of the Tigers and the Saints accentuates what we have in common, which is in contrast to the constant reminders of how divided we are as a society.

And the unity that follows LSU and the Saints winning this weekend will further serve to remind us that maybe we are not totally divided!

Geaux Tiger!  Geaux Saints!