Scoot: The Stripchat Superdome?


News the Mercedes-Benz would not be renewing the contract for naming rights to the Superdome invited speculation as to what company would be next to put its name on the home of the New Orleans Saints.  Mercedes-Benz bought the naming rights to the new stadium in Atlanta, GA and must have determined that paying for the rights to put their name on two major stadiums in the South was not financially beneficial.

So now the name game begins! Who will put their name on the Superdome in New Orleans?

One company has publicly announced a $15,000,000 offer to put their name on the Superdome. But there will be questions about whether this company’s name is appropriate to be plastered across the dome roof and throughout the interior.

That company is Stripchat. Stripchat is an adult live cam site where people can watch live streams of amateur and professional models. In addition, the streaming site offers chat rooms. No - I didn’t actually go to the site - but I did look into what it offers.

As a strong supporter of freedom of expression I struggle with my instinctive reaction that Stripchat would be inappropriate for naming rights to the Superdome. Should the home of the Saints become the Stripchat Superdome?

I also promote that there are many things in the world that are for adults only - beer and alcoholic beverages are a perfect example. I would have no problem with a beer or liquor company buying the naming rights to the Superdome and would challenge those who would argue that a stadium, like the Superdome, should not be named after a product that targets adults since so many children and young people will be exposed to a product intended for adults.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with explaining to children that certain things are for adults and when they get to be an adult they will be free to make the decision to buy those products. I would rebut any claim that naming a major sports stadium after a beer or liquor product would encourage underage drinking. There was a time in America when adults had the ability to explain the difference between children and adults and that some things are simply NOT for children. Today - that appears to be a challenge for many adults.

The business model for Stripchat is geared for adults and as long as the participants are over 18 - I have no problem with the existence of such a business. But I do think Stripchat would not be an appropriate company for the naming rights to our Superdome - or any other major stadium.

Stripchat is making the offer based on the idea that New Orleans is a party town and that strip clubs and debauchery are part of the city’s appeal to many. Even if it seems hypocritical - I would not support the idea of the Stripchat Superdome.

While I support the fact that children can be exposed to products that are marketed and intended for adults - there’s something about Stripchat owning naming rights to the dome that doesn’t seem right.

A judge once said that there is a fine line between acceptable adult material and pornography - he said that when the line is crossed and it’s pornography - he knows it.