Scoot: What will you do during a stay-at-home weekend?

Photo credit Fokusiert/Getty Images
‘Cause it’s another day for
You and me in paradise…..
- Phil Collins -

And so we find ourselves heading into another weekend under stay-at-home orders. With pleasant weather inviting activity so far, the stay-at-home orders and respecting social distancing become a greater challenge.

I wanted to share some of the suggestions I received after posting a video on the SOTA Facebook page asking what people were doing to prepare for another weekend at home:

Find a new recipe and cook.
Get a coloring book.
Clean your home.
Clean out closets and give away clothes you no longer wear.
Shop online.
Read a book. (Many say, “What does that mean?”)
Garden if you have a yard.
Pick a friendly fight on FB or Twitter.
Download the app - Duolingo - and start to learn a new language.
Binge watch. (I’m finally going to get into “Tiger King”)
Watch old reruns that you watched as a kid.

And the list goes on! These are just a few suggestions that you may want to follow, or perhaps one of the suggestions will spark a new idea for you.

In the face of the continued increase of coronavirus cases and deaths - we are challenged with staying strong, positive and patient with the sacrifices we are making.

We are asked to serve our country by following the requests of our leaders. We are asked to put our political divide aside and remember that we are Americans first - and together - and only together - we can win another war that threatens our country and our freedoms!