Hebert, Garic take USA Today writer to task during heated exchange

By: Mark Menard

Perhaps it wasn't necessarily the distraction they would have preferred, but yesterday Saints Twitter rose as one to lambast an opinion piece in USA Today.

In the article, sports writer Nancy Armour used the words "dumb and dangerous" to blast the New Orleans Saints organization over their reported draft-day plan to have their "war room" located in a boardroom at Dixie Brewery.

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Joining WWL Radio's Sports Talk Thursday night, Armour doubled down.

"The NFL has shut down team facilities," Armour said. "I just think the optics of it are bad... [The NFL] should not be considered an essential business. I had no problem with free agency going on. But I think the draft is a completely different story."

In a tense exchange, Sports Talk's Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic countered that the only bad optics being put forward came from her piece.

"They're trying to do the right thing within their organization," Hebert said. "And they're being thoroughly safe, considering they're following the CDC guidelines - taking their temperature before entering the room, maintaining physical distance between them once they're in the boardroom, which is massive.

"I just think they're doing the right thing, and that was an unfair shot."

You can read Armour's original article here, and you can hear the full audio of her appearance on Sports Talk by clicking the podcast link.

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