Saints Radio’s Strief, McAllister weigh in on 2020 schedule

By: Mark Menard

The “Voice of the Saints” Zach Strief didn’t mince words when analyzing the 2020 schedule for the Black and Gold.

“It’s one of the best home schedules you will ever see,” Strief said Thursday night upon getting his first glimpse of the Saints full schedule release.

“I don’t know how long it’ll be before the Saints have a home slate as good as this one with the Packers, the Chargers, the Niners, the Chiefs and the Vikings, just completely star-studded.”

Three of those home matchups are positioned in prime television timeslots. The Packers game will be a Sunday Night Football telecast, while the Chargers are slated for a Monday night showdown in the Big Easy. As for the Vikings, they’ll pay the Saints a visit on Christmas afternoon.

And that’s not counting the season-opener, when the Saints get to welcome a new face to the NFC South in the form of former six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who left the New England Patriots this offseason for warmer climates in Tampa Bay.

Saints Radio color analyst Deuce McAllister believes the Buccaneers are an intriguing player in the 2020 race for the playoffs.

“An interesting team,” McAllister said. “A team that has a lot of firepower and obviously has a new quarterback this year. They’ve always been talented on the outside. Now the question becomes, can they come together quickly without having an offseason together.”

The Saints schedule is not without its challenges, and Strief highlighted a big one during his analysis.

“We go on the road three times in a row and come back to play the defending Super Bowl champs,” Strief said. “That’s a tough stretch (Broncos, Falcons, Eagles), although we’re coming back, right?  We’re coming back to home.  It’d be harder if the Chiefs were the third of that three-game road streak.”

So what can Saints fans reasonably expect from the Black and Gold after seeing what’s on tap? McAllister believes it’ll be another winning campaign in the Crescent City.

“13-3 back to back is tough, but 12-4, 11-5 is a safe record for this team,” McAllister said.

You can hear the full audio of Strief's analysis by clicking the podcast link.