Striefs take: Saints "bubble" the best course of action

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By: Mark Menard

As questions abound about whether or not the NFL can actually stage an entire football season amid a pandemic without actually quarantining their players away from society like the NBA, some players are already testing positive at training camps across the country while others have already decided to opt out from the 2020 season.

The Saints meanwhile have decided to adapt the NBA’s model as much as league rules will allow, putting their team up at the Loew’s hotel away from their families and the outside world in general, a move that the “Voice of the Saints” Zach Strief believes is the right one.

“It surprises me that a lot of teams haven’t created the situation that the Saints have. And I know a lot of it is the rules that were demanded by players. And I don’t understand that,” Strief said during an appearance on WWL Radio. “The whole offseason I kept saying training camp’s not the problem. Training camp’s easy. You’re already stuck in a hotel. You’re already in a bubble.

“I really thought training camp was the time that the league would be able to manage this issue.”

Strief also gave his thoughts on the players who have chosen to sit out 2020.

“Everyone’s situation is different, and everyone has that right,” Strief said. “But if you’re opting out, then you better not be out to dinner. You better not be out at a playground. You better be on your P’s and Q’s because you’re basically saying I’m not comfortable being in a situation where all my coworkers are getting tested every day… The guys that are opting out, boy, they better be on their best behavior.”

You can hear the full audio of Strief’s appearance on Sports Talk by clicking the podcast link.